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Tag: Ear Wax

Ear wax removal – the best way

As you know there are a few ways of ear wax removal. I’m sure you have all heard of ear candling before. You may have seen ear candles at your local pharmacy. They are often located near other wax softening drops, ointments, and ear plugs. But do you ever wonder if ear candling is actually an effective way of removing wax? What is ear candling exactly? An ear candle is a long hollow candle that is placed into the ear canal. It is usually made up of substances such as soy wax and beeswax. The candle tube can be around 15-20cm long. Once the ear candle has been placed into the ear canal,...

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How to Remove Ear Wax Safely?

Ear wax build up is a common concern that leaves many people asking “what is the best ear wax removal method?”. Ear wax is natural, and it is not harmful to the ears unless there is significant ear wax build up obstructing the ear canal. A build-up of ear wax can cause ear pain, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), hearing loss and a blocked sensation in the ears. If the wax is not completely blocking the ear canal, hearing may not be affected, and it may be more difficult to tell if there is too much wax in the ears. There are multiple methods of ear wax removal including ear wax removal drops,...

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