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Understanding Hearing Aid Costs: Making Informed Choices in Melbourne

Hearing loss affects millions of Australians, significantly impacting their quality of life. While hearing aids can significantly improve hearing and communication, understanding their hearing aid price can be an initial hurdle. This blog aims to provide transparency and guidance around hearing aid costs in Melbourne, empowering you to make informed decisions for your hearing health. Factors Affecting Hearing Aid Price: Several factors influence the cost of hearing aids: Technology: More advanced features like noise cancellation, directional microphones, and wireless connectivity...

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Invisible Heroes: The Power of Hearing Aids in Everyday Life

Hearing loss can be a silent struggle, one that often goes unnoticed by those who do not experience it firsthand. But for the individuals who rely on hearing aids, these tiny devices play a pivotal role in their daily lives, turning them into invisible heroes who conquer challenges with unwavering resilience. In this article, we’ll delve into the remarkable world of hearing aids, shedding light on their significance in the everyday lives of those with hearing impairments, and explore how professionals like Helix Hearing are making a difference. The Unseen Battles Hearing loss affects...

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Ear wax removal – the best way

As you know there are a few ways of ear wax removal. I’m sure you have all heard of ear candling before. You may have seen ear candles at your local pharmacy. They are often located near other wax softening drops, ointments, and ear plugs. But do you ever wonder if ear candling is actually an effective way of removing wax? What is ear candling exactly? An ear candle is a long hollow candle that is placed into the ear canal. It is usually made up of substances such as soy wax and beeswax. The candle tube can be around 15-20cm long. Once the ear candle has been placed into the ear canal,...

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What You Need To Know About Hearing Tests

Hearing tests are performed by an audiologist to determine the functioning of the auditory (hearing) system. There are a number of assessments. Otoscopy: Involves the audiologist looking into the ears with a handheld device. Our otoscopes have a small camera on the tip so you’re able to look inside your own ears on the computer screen! Otoscopy is very important as this is the first step in identifying if there are any abnormalities of the structures in the ear canal or tympanic membrane. Should wax obscure the view of the tympanic membrane, our audiologists are trained in safely and effectively...

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Types of hearing loss

1 in 6 Australians suffers from some level of hearing loss. Hearing loss affects both adults and children of all ages. Hearing loss can have significant impacts on social, emotional, and physical well-being and can lead to social isolation and difficulties at work and/or school. There are many different causes of hearing loss and there are two main types of hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss Is when the hearing loss is caused by a problem with the outer or middle part of the ear (the ear canal, eardrum, middle ear bones, middle ear fluid). Some causes of conductive hearing loss can...

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