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What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is known as the perception of a sound when there is no external sound present. It can commonly be described as a ringing, hissing, whooshing, or buzzing sound that is heard in one, or both ears. Have you heard something like this before? The tinnitus can often fluctuate in volume and frequency. Many will experience tinnitus at some point in their lifetime, however, others experience it more frequently. Symptoms often vary from person to person. Many may only become aware of their tinnitus when in quiet environments (for example, at night going to sleep or when relaxing reading a book)....

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What are hearing aids?

Hearing aids are electronic device that is worn on/in the ear to help hearing-impaired individuals listen and communicate in everyday conversations. There are many hearing aid manufacturers out there, some of which include: Phonak, Unitron, Starkey, GN Resound, Widex, Signia, Oticon, Sonic and Bernafon. All hearing aids come in a variety of styles and technology levels. Choosing a hearing aid style is dependent on a number of factors including the degree and type of hearing loss, aesthetics, and patient preference. Choosing a technology level is dependent on a patient’s communication needs,...

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Tinnitus FAQ’s

What is tinnitus?Tinnitus describes any sound that is heard but not caused by an external sound source. Tinnitus is very common and can develop gradually or suddenly.What are the sounds associated with tinnitus?Tinnitus can be heard in many different ways. The sound of tinnitus is often described as a ringing, buzzing, crickets, rushing or seashell sound. The perception of tinnitus sound completely depends on the individual.What are the first signs of tinnitus?Tinnitus is usually most noticeable in quiet situations where there are no other distracting sounds present. Therefore, tinnitus awareness...

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