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Hearing loss – Diagnosis and Treatment for Adults
You’re not alone. Helix Hearing’s expert team is here to ensure you get the best out of your hearing at every stage of life.

Hearing problems can affect you at any age & stage of your life.

But thanks to major developments in hearing technology, there are many ways we can help improve your quality of living.
The path to better hearing and quality of life starts with a simple hearing test. If you’re concerned about your hearing in any way, kickstart the conversation with us today about your options.
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A Woman Having a Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing Aid Fitting & Rehabilitation

Our expert audiologists take great pride in tailoring hearing solutions to meet individual needs and expectations with the greatest care and leading edge technology.
A Hearing Professional Advising A Woman About Her Hearing Aid

Ongoing Monitoring & Improvement

Ongoing review ensure clients obtain maximum benefit from every hearing strategy and system chosen. All clients are surveyed using the independent quality measure tool – EARtrak.

An Audiologist Conducting A Hearing Test

Specific Purpose Hearing Tests

We deliver tailored hearing tests for all Australian standards and certifications across the following industries: Diving, Driving, Aviation, Police & Protective Services.

A Hearing Aid Mould Being Placed in a Young Girl's Ear to Make a Custom Ear Plug

Custom Ear Plugs

We supply and fit customised earplugs across a wide range of uses including: Noise protection, Water protection, Musicians’ earplugs, and Snoring plugs.

Contact Helix Hearing immediately if you experience the following:

Sudden Hearing Loss

Cases of sudden hearing loss should be addressed immediately. If you have experienced sudden hearing loss, contact us for an urgent hearing assessment.

Acoustic Shock Injury

Those who have suffered an acoustic injury (exposure to a sudden and/or unexpected noise) will be seen for a hearing assessment as a matter of urgency.

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