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Our Story

We are your full-time Audiology experts
At Helix Hearing, our mission is to help our patients enjoy their best possible life by alleviating the communication barriers caused by hearing loss and ear health conditions.
Helix Hearing's Team of Professionals

Dedicated to improving lives

Helix Hearing is proud to be one of Australia’s foremost independent audiology groups. With a distinguished track record of over three decades in the field, Helix Hearing is strategically positioned to offer enduring clinical services to our valued patients, while concurrently fostering exciting career growth for our team of dedicated professionals.

The business has undergone a remarkable transformation over the years, transitioning from a solitary audiologist clinic into a flourishing collective of accredited audiologists. It now boasts a dedicated team of over 30 local experts spread across its clinic network.

Helix Hearing remains resolute in its dedication to delivering full-time hearing services at all its clinics, closely aligned with its unwavering commitment to patient-centred care. Directors Meg and Andrew Miklosvary ardently uphold the legacy of independence, ethical conduct, family values, and community involvement upon which the business’ foundations were firmly established by Sue & Neil Clutterbuck and Tricia Sharples

Our commitment to superior hearing solutions

Helix Hearing is proud to exclusively employ accredited audiologists in their clinical team, educated to the highest standard – currently a Master of Audiology.

With such skills and experience, our staff foster a great level of pride in providing our clients with the very best hearing service. All of our audiologists are members of Audiology Australia and hold the Accredited Audiologist status.

We regularly retrain and up-skill to the latest clinical standards and technology, to ensure we offer our clients only the most appropriate and effective hearing solutions, tailored to their needs. Our team regularly attends conferences to stay abreast of new research and upcoming areas in hearing and communication.

The Helix Hearing Team Having a Meeting

Consolidating to provide the very best

Always under the same umbrella, in December, 2023 Gippsland Audiology and Eastern Audiology officially rebranded to Helix Hearing in order to provide a cohesive solution for patients and team.

Although the name changed, absolutely nothing else did. The rebrand has allowed us to focus on being all-inclusive, for our team AND our patients across all 9 clinics. There have been plenty of triumphs in our journey thus far, such as implementing new services, particularly bringing full-time services to a regional area for the first time, such as wax removal and cochlear implant services.

It continues to be a great privilege to be chosen as your preferred hearing care provider and we look forward to continuing to uphold our high standards into the future.

Gippsland Audiology and Eastern Audiology Rebranding to Helix Hearing