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Hearing Test For Kids

Give your child the very best start.
Discover why hearing and communication plays such an integral role in healthy childhood development.

Your most qualified provider of paediatric diagnostic checkups

Helix Hearing is proud to deliver a comprehensive range of child services, from infancy to adulthood.

Healthy hearing is vital to a child’s development in language and communication, particularly in early years, however many children experience complications during their early years.

Helix Hearing’s holistic full service approach to hearing care means we work with your family’s unique needs to ensure your child develops to his or her full potential via a range of strategies.

An Audiologist Conducting A Hearing Test for a Young Girl
The path to better hearing and quality of life starts with a simple hearing test. If you’re concerned about your child’s hearing in any way, kickstart the conversation with us today about your options.

Child Assessments

From 6 months of age (30 minute appointments)

  • Detailed history of hearing and ear health
  • Pure-tone audiometry
  • Middle-ear function test
  • Speech audiometry (depending on age and development)
  • Detailed discussion of results
  • Recommendation of appropriate follow-up and/or management (if required)
  • Written report to referrer, parents and any other 3rd party requested, eg; school
  • A medical referral is not required
 An Audiologist Checking the Ear Health of a Young Girl

Book a hearing test today if your child is experiencing the following signs & symptoms

  • Not responding to soft speech, when called from another room or when there is background noise around
  • Delayed speech and language development
  • Deteriorating speech
  • Liking loud TV volume, but hating sudden / unexpected loud noises, eg; vacuum cleaners, dogs barking, shouting
  • Saying “pardon” often
  • Complaining of “noises” in ears, especially at night when quiet
  • Watching faces intently during conversation
  • Not remembering instructions
  • Shouting or whispering while speaking
  • Bursts of “naughtiness”
  • Clumsiness
  • Lacking in concentration
  • Difficulties at school
  • Distracting other class mates and being easily distracted
  • Copying other children in class
A Young Girl Having Her Ears Examined

A Common Condition

Almost every child under two years will have at least one episode of middle ear fluid with conductive hearing loss, while many will suffer recurrent episodes.
Meanwhile one out of three primary school aged children will have some degree of conductive hearing loss at any given time, affecting learning and behaviour.

Ask us about custom earplugs for kids!

  • Noise and water protection
  • Musicians’ earplugs (great for home practice & school bands)
  • Ready made options are also available

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