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All That You Want to Know About Hearing Tests for Kids

Posted On: August 17, 2021

Hearing concerns can arise in newborn babies, pre-school as well as school-going kids. It is recommended to conduct hearing tests for kids as per their requirements during their varied stages of development.


In Australia, the first hearing test for kids is conducted before a baby leaves the hospital. A second referral for a hearing test for kids may be suggested when the baby is around 8 months old in case of any pregnancy or birth-related risk factors or family history of hearing loss.

Pre-school kids

The need for a hearing test for pre-school kids arises due to:

  • Hearing concerns of the child
  • Frequently occurring ear infections
  • Delayed milestones concerning speech or development of language

Temporary blockage of middle ears and the subsequent impact on hearing is common among kids of this age. It can be carried into their years in lower primary school.

School going kids

Need for a hearing test for school going kids arises due to:

  • Behaviour concerns
  • Difficulties with classroom concentration
  • Learning difficulties

Our audiologists add the fun element into the hearing tests for kids. It makes them fall in love with the tests. Your child is most welcome to visit any of our clinics at RichmondBellerive, or Narre Warren. Whichever is close to you!