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Best Hearing Aids to Combat the Effects of Tinnitus

Posted On: November 28, 2022

Just like any technology, there are many different hearing aid manufacturers out there. It is reassuring to know that Helix Hearing and Helix Hearing are independently owned and operated clinics. This means that we are not obligated to prescribe any specific hearing aid manufacturer or nor do we have sales commission.

We have access to any hearing aid manufacturer on the market and are able to recommend the best suited device to our patients hearing and communication needs.  Hearing technology is rapidly advancing, and our audiologists remain up to date with the newest hearing technologies to ensure our patients are receiving the best possible hearing outcome.

Hearing aids are not only beneficial in helping a hearing impairment, but they are often recommended as a treatment to help reduce tinnitus awareness. For those with tinnitus, it is quite common that a hearing loss is present too. It’s important to know that not all tinnitus suffers having a hearing loss though. Here at Helix Hearing and Helix Hearing we work closely with patients to identify the possible cause of their tinnitus awareness and discuss ways to help manage it going forward. Hearing aids can be recommended as an effective tinnitus treatment. Hearing aids amplify external sounds which are usually not heard by patients given the hearing loss. This then helps mask out and divert attention away from the tinnitus.

The use of hearing aids is also important in helping reduce listening effort and the level of concentration needed to hear others in everyday conversations. This will help reduce listening fatigue, anxiety and stress related to communication difficulties. Many hearing aids today have Bluetooth connectivity which allows patients to stream input from their smart phones directly into their hearing aids. Numerous tinnitus apps are available to download on smart phones.

Many hearing aids also have inbuilt customised tinnitus masker programs. This involves another sound (eg. waves crashing or white noise) played softly into the hearing aids to help divert attention away from the tinnitus, and, at the same time still help aid the hearing loss. A tinnitus program can be activated by a press of a button or can be on automatically all the time. Your audiologist will work closely with you to decide what’s best for you.