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Can I Buy A Hearing Aid Without A Test?

Posted On: September 2, 2020

If you take a hearing test, it will empower your audiologist with pertinent information about your hearing problem.

Before selecting hearing aids, a hearing test will be able to evaluate if you have hearing loss. The test will also be able to determine the type and the degree of hearing loss along with the probable cause.

With a hearing test, the audiologist will be able to determine what kind of sounds you are unable to hear. This is important as it varies from one person to the other Hearing aids are specifically programmed for the person wearing them, so a generic hearing aid will not suit everybody. With a hearing test, an audiologist in Victoria can determine if you need advanced medical management.

At Helix Hearing, we have trained and experienced audiologists who will conduct an extensive hearing test and then discuss their findings with you, so that together, they can come to the best solution for your communication requirements.

Their solution may include hearing aids. Our expert audiologists are highly trained and up to date with the latest hearing aids, and they know which styles and brands will be suitable for you.

Since our audiologists are not at all affiliated with any hearing aid manufacturer, their recommendations for your hearing problem are in your best interests without any bias.