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Ear Wax Removal At Helix Hearing

Posted On: April 27, 2022

Having ear wax is completely natural, we all have it! Ear wax is the body’s natural way of protecting the ear canal and eardrum from external damage or infection, as ear wax traps dirt, dust and foreign objects (for example, insects!). Did you know that ear wax is only produced in the outer third of the ear canal and usually the ear is self-cleaning? Ear wax is constantly moving forward towards the outer ear without us knowing. But sometimes, wax builds up and becomes trapped. Often when there is too much ear wax, people will experience a blocked sensation in the ear and reduced hearing. It may also cause pain and unusual sounds in the ears (for example, ringing or buzzing). These are usually common signs that ear wax needs to be removed by a professional.

At Helix Hearing we specialise in ear wax removal melbourne to remove ear wax quickly, effectively, and safely. If you are looking for ear wax removal near me, Helix Hearing will ensure you are in the best hands. Our audiologists at our Richmond and Narre Warren clinics have had speciality training in ear wax removal and have the most sophisticated equipment on site. Otoendoscopy is performed to examine the ear canal and eardrum thoroughly by using a small high-tech camera. You are able to see inside your ear on the computer screen, only if you want to! The audiologists will then decide which ear wax removal procedure is best suited to your case.

There are a few methods to remove ear wax, these include microsuction, curettage and syringing. Microsuction uses a tiny vacuum to remove ear wax gently and effectively, even stubborn deep wax. Curettage is a procedure in which a small metal/plastic tool with a loop ending is used to gently scoop out more superficial wax from the ear canal. Another method of wax removal is known as syringing. Syringing involves the use of water that is flushed into the ear canal. Here at Helix Hearing, we use a combination of microsuction and curettage. We often change between the two methods throughout the ear wax removal procedure depending on the positioning of the ear wax. Wax softener sprays and ear drops may be used throughout the procedure as well, to help soften the ear wax and aid in its removal. There is less risk of damage to the ear and eardrum when using microsuction compared to that of syringing, as with syringing, water is flushed at force against the eardrum.

Should you experience wax build up and feel your ears are due for a clean, our audiologists at Helix Hearing are here to help.