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Hearing Aid – A Remedial Solution for Tinnitus?

Posted On: July 2, 2021

The choice of opting for hearing aids is not an easy one. However, trained Audiologists at Helix Hearing offer guidance and support all the way to finding the best device fit for you. It entails an appointment where details of your ear health and hearing loss are understood. Your communication needs will be assessed. This is followed by an exhaustive hearing test. Available options are deliberated upon based on your lifestyle, hearing, and budget.

A wide array of hearing aids is available. The prices of hearing aids are determined by their inbuilt technology and range from $1500 to over $7000 for a pair. Different styles are on offer too. The Federal Government’s Hearing Services program may entitle you to subsidized or free hearing aids.

Helix Hearing offers transparency in pricing through our segregated pricing structure, which indicates the device cost and service cost for hearing aid fittings. It greatly facilitates the selection of hearing devices alongside the fitting package depending upon your hearing needs and budget. Our Audiologists at our Bairnsdale and Moe clinics are not influenced by any specific manufacturer or brand and offer impartial advice on the best device fit for you.