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How Audiogram Tests Work and Their Importance

Posted On: April 24, 2023

Hearing loss, a condition that can result from various factors, such as genetics, exposure to loud noises, infections, and certain medications and can affect individuals of all ages. To diagnose and treat hearing loss, an audiogram test is crucial.

So, what exactly is an audiogram test? An audiogram test is a hearing test that assesses a person’s ability to hear sounds of different frequencies and volumes. This non-invasive procedure is usually conducted in a soundproof booth or room, and the patient is asked to listen to sounds through headphones or speakers and to respond when they hear a sound.

The results of an audiogram test are displayed on a graph called an audiogram, which illustrates the softest sounds the patient can hear at various frequencies. This information enables audiologists to determine the type and severity of hearing loss, which then helps in developing a customised treatment plan for the patient.

For instance, hearing aids or other assistive listening devices may be recommended for patients with a mild to moderate hearing loss, whereas those with severe or profound hearing loss may be candidates for cochlear implants. Without an audiogram test, it would be challenging to establish the best treatment plan for each individual patient.

Anyone experiencing hearing loss or other hearing-related symptoms should consider scheduling an audiogram test. Some of the common signs of hearing loss include difficulty hearing conversations, particularly in noisy environments, frequently asking others to repeat themselves, ringing or buzzing in the ears (tinnitus) or increasing the volume on the TV or radio. In addition, certain groups of people, such as those who work in noisy environments and those with a family history of hearing loss may be at a higher risk of developing hearing loss.

Choosing a local independent audiologist can provide several benefits. Firstly, they are likely to be more familiar with the community and its unique needs. Additionally, independent audiologists are not affiliated with any particular hearing aid manufacturer or brand, which means they can offer unbiased hearing aid recommendations based solely on the patient’s communication needs.

At Helix Hearing, we take pride in being Gippsland’s only full-time team of local independent audiology experts. Our audiologists employ a transparent, honest approach and customised solutions to assist our patients in reclaiming their hearing ability and enjoying life to the fullest. We provide a comprehensive range of hearing services and solutions for all ages, from babies to adults.

In conclusion, if you are experiencing hearing loss or other hearing-related symptoms, it is imperative to schedule an audiogram test. The results of the test can help determine the type and severity of hearing loss, which can then be used to develop a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. Choosing Helix Hearing can provide several benefits, including unbiased recommendations and a personalised approach to care. Visit the website for more information!