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How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?

Posted On: March 20, 2021

The decision to take the next step and go ahead with hearing aids can feel a little daunting. Our Audiologists at Helix Hearing are here to support and guide you to find the right devices for you. This involves an appointment to evaluate your communication needs and get an understanding of your hearing and ear health history. A thorough hearing test is then conducted. We then discuss the options available, considering your hearing, lifestyle, and budget. 

While the style of hearing aids vary, hearing aid prices can also vary significantly. They can range from around $1500 to over well $7000 for a pair, pricing is dependent on the level of technology within the hearing aid. You may be eligible for free or subsidized hearing aids through the Federal Government’s Hearing Services Program. 

At Helix Hearing, we provide transparent pricing by offering an unbundled pricing structure, separating the cost of the device and service, for hearing aid fittings. This enables you to select the device and fitting package that is most suitable for your budget and hearing needs. Our Audiologists at our Richmond, Narre Warren, and Bellerive clinics pride themselves on being fully independent of any hearing aid brand or manufacturer, enabling them to provide you with a full range of devices to best suit your needs.