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How Much Does A Hearing Test Cost?

Posted On: October 16, 2020

A hearing test can identify hearing loss, its nature, and also the extent of hearing loss. Trained professionals, known as an audiologist, can carry out hearing tests in both kids and adults.

Your visit to an audiologist for a hearing test will involve understanding your case history, ear inspection, and a hearing test. You will need to sit with headphones with a headband placed behind the ears and be asked to respond when you hear beeps, of all different pitches.

The audiologist will ask you to listen and repeat some words and assess the movement in your middle ear/eardrum.

An in-depth hearing assessment at Helix Hearing lasts for about an hour and will cost $168 for adults. If you have a pension card you will likely be entitled to a free test through the Hearing Services Program. Our audiologists also have vast experience in conducting hearing tests on kids.

A hearing test conducted on kids costs $85. Our audiologist will discuss the test results, offer suggestions on managing hearing loss, and also provide written reports to appropriate parties. We are also equipped to conduct a hearing test for employment and special activities including police medicals, driving, and more.