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How To Get Your Child’s Hearing Tested

Posted On: February 1, 2021

Adequate hearing in children is essential for the ongoing development of speech and language, effective communication, and social skills. Some signs that can indicate a problem with your child’s hearing include not responding when called, delayed speech and language development, learning difficulties at school, and/or behavioral problems.

hearing test for kids will often involve taking a detailed history of your child’s ear health, examining their ears, checking how well the eardrum is moving, and determining the type of hearing assessment based on your child’s age and developmental ability.

At Helix Hearing, our experienced Audiologists in Narre Warren and Richmond, & Bellerive will discuss your concerns with you, identify if there is an issue with your child’s hearing, advise on appropriate management options and provide a detailed written report to the appropriate parties. Should you wish to arrange a hearing test for your child, a medical referral is not required.