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Safe Removal of Earwax

Posted On: July 9, 2021

The development of earwax is a natural phenomenon and is for safeguarding and moisturizing your ear canal skin. Endowed with antibacterial and soothing attributes, it also prevents dirt and dust from entering deep down into your ear. In normal circumstances, earwax cleans itself off your ear. But sometimes, it does not.

Sometimes, the earwax builds up, and assistance is required. Following are some of the reasons leading to earwax build-up:

  • When ear canals are narrow
  • When you are using earplugs or hearing aids
  • With age, the occurrence of dried wax is more

During the above situations, earwax fails to reach the outer ear and instead, begins accumulating in the ear canal and causes a possible ear blockage.

At Helix Hearing, our professionally trained Audiologists offer safe, effective, and gentle treatment options for earwax removal. Micro suction or /and curette are two such methods.

Under micro-suction, a small vacuum with low pressure is used for the safe and gentle removal of debris along with wax from the ear canal. Extra wax on the outer area or any object is scooped out of the ear canal with the aid of a small scoop called a curette.

At Helix Hearing, we never offer water irrigation or syringes as a treatment for earwax removal. You can call on 1300 090 701 for an appointment at any of our clinics close to you in Richmond Narre Warren in Victoria or Bellerive in Tasmania.