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Treatment Options for Tinnitus

Posted On: August 30, 2021

Whilst there is no cure for tinnitus there are several tinnitus management strategies to help make the life of the patients easy.

Before suggesting treatment options for your tinnitus, your audiologists will first get to understand your problem, ear health, and hearing history. The audiologist will offer tinnitus treatment options after evaluating your hearing.

Tinnitus treatment options comprise the following:

Sound enrichment: Normally, patients are more aware of their Tinnitus when the environment is quiet, for instance, at bedtime. Diverting your attention from your problem by the introduction of music around you is termed sound enrichment. This remedy aids in masking the tinnitus noise.

Changed diet: Healthy and low salt diet, non-inclusion of alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine will often reduce Tinnitus awareness.

Exercise: Regular exercise enhances the release of feel-good hormones, which can also help lead to a relaxed and restful sleep and lessen fatigue.

You can consult any of our tertiary-qualified audiologists through an appointment at one of our Narre Warren, Richmond, Huonville, or Bellerive clinics to discuss a Tinnitus treatment option best suited to your condition.