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Types of Hearing Tests

Posted On: July 27, 2021

If you have a hearing issue, the place to go is Helix Hearing. The first step undertaken is thorough testing of your hearing. At Helix Hearing, we perform varied kinds of tests that help us understand in detail how sound travels through your ear and zeroing on problem areas if any.

Following are the hearing tests that are performed:


A pressure test, this type checks the functioning of your middle ear and eardrum using puffing air into the ear.

Pure-tone Audiology

This test checks how well you respond to varied pitch sounds heard by you. Headphones and a headband-like device called a ‘bone conductor’ are used for the testing where you will be asked to pay attention to differing pitch sounds. Test outcomes will be available in the form of a graph which is known as an audiogram.

Speech Testing

This test checks your hearing ability in a quiet as well as a noisy background. How well you can repeat sentences and words voiced to you, will determine the volume at which you hear well and clear.

Our team of specialists is there to guide you through the varied tests, offer an exact diagnosis, and discuss the remedial solutions at your disposal. The options will go to great lengths to enhance your communication and enable you to live a full life. You can make an appointment by calling on 1300 090 701 for an exhaustive hearing test at any of our clinics, close to you in Richmond & Narre Warren in Victoria, or Bellerive in Tasmania.