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What Aspects are considered while choosing your Hearing Aid?

Posted On: August 6, 2021

There are varied options when it comes to choosing a hearing aid. At Helix Hearing, you will be guided on the various alternatives available to you once you decide to opt for a hearing aid. After taking into consideration your personal needs, the best fit will be recommended to you after discussing the following aspects:
● Preferred style
● Brands with the desired technology
● Pricing structure

As far as style goes, your audiologist will suggest what best suits your hearing loss and ear shape, as well as taking into consideration your desires. In some cases, the extent of your hearing loss may restrict you to a single style that will be the best fit.

As for the brand, Helix Hearing is independent of any brand or manufacturer of hearing aids and hence, can offer you several brands to choose from. Normally, our aim remains to give you a choice of 4 to 5 brands that fit best into your requirements of style, price, and features.
The pricing of hearing aids depends on its inbuilt technology more than the style and varies from basic to a premium level. The presence of extra features like suppression of background sound or adjustment for fine-tuning for Helix Hearing Audiologists increases the hearing aid price.

After discussing all the hearing aids aspects with you, your audiologist in Narre Warren, or Richmond, will ensure that you get the best fit of the hearing aid within your budget, communication needs, and degree of hearing loss.