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What Does a Hearing Test Cost?

Posted On: February 1, 2021

hearing test can establish if a hearing loss is present, and if so, the degree and type. An Audiologist is a trained professional who conducts hearing tests for adults and/or children. A typical appointment will include taking a thorough case history, looking in your ears, performing the hearing test (with headphones and a headband that sits behind your ear), listening and repeating words, and assessing your eardrum/middle ear movement.

At Helix Hearing, a comprehensive hour-long assessment for an adult is $168. Our Audiologists in Richmond, Narre Warren, and Bellerive are also experienced in testing children. A hearing test for kids is $85. These include a discussion of results with you, including any further recommended management, as well as a written report to the appropriate parties. We can also perform hearing tests for special activities such as driving, employment, and police medicals.