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Why You Need An Audiogram To Check Your Hearing Health

Posted On: February 28, 2023

One of our most important senses is hearing. It enables us to interact with our surroundings, enjoy music, and take in the sounds of nature. Unfortunately, millions of individuals throughout the world struggle with hearing loss. From social interactions to job performance, hearing loss can have a big influence on our quality of life. It’s crucial to get help and undergo a hearing assessment if you have any hearing issues or concerns.

What is an Audiogram Test?

A diagnostic examination called an audiogram measures your capacity to hear sounds at various pitches and loudness. This straightforward, non-invasive test typically lasts for 30 minutes. You will use headphones to listen to sounds played at various pitches and loudness while taking the test.  You will be asked to indicate when you hear each sound and the results will then be recorded on a graph called an audiogram.

An audiogram is helpful to determine the kind and severity of hearing loss, as well as the most appropriate course of management.

Children’s Audiogram Test

Testing a child’s hearing at a young age is crucial since hearing loss can result in developmental delays in children. Children’s audiogram testing can be performed at our clinics with the appropriate equipment. We test their hearing using age-appropriate games and activities to idenify the function of the hearing system. The hearing test is interactive and engaging so children feel comfortable and interested in the tasks.

Adult Audiogram Test

Your quality of life may be significantly impacted by hearing loss, which may also make it more difficult for you to communicate with others. Our clinics can help if you’re having trouble hearing. For adults, we provide thorough audiogram exams that assess your hearing capacity and spot any problems. Our tests are exact and make use of cutting-edge technology to guarantee reliable results. We can offer specialised recommendations and solutions to enhance your hearing health based on the findings of your hearing test.

Workplace Audiogram Test

To comply with safety rules, many employers require that employees take hearing exams. Our occupational hearing exams adhere to these standards, ensuring that you adhere to safety standards while safeguarding the hearing health of your personnel.

Special Activities Audiogram Test

Those who engage in motorsports, shooting, hunting, or similar pursuits are at risk of hearing damage from loud noise exposure. Our specialised audiogram exams assess your hearing capacity and pinpoint any issues. In order to keep you engaged in your activities while also safeguarding your hearing health, we may also offer guidance on custom-made hearing protection and suggest appropriate hearing devices.

Finally, hearing loss can have a substantial negative impact on your quality of life. Don’t let hearing loss prevent you from conversing with people and appreciating the noises around you. We provide thorough audiogram exams for kids, adults, workplaces, and special activities at our Gippsland facilities. Make an appointment for your hearing test with us to start along the path to better hearing health.