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How Do Hearing Aids Help Hearing?

Posted On: February 2, 2021

Hearing aids identify sounds in the surrounding environment and convert them into digital signals. The signal is then amplified or increased to generate amplified sound in the ear through the receiver or a hearing speaker.

A skilled audiologist will conduct a hearing test to evaluate your hearing loss and determine the extent of amplification needed for various sound frequencies. While the hearing aids do not treat your hearing loss, it improves your hearing experience by enhancing the sound range as well as offering clarity to sounds and speech.

Several types of hearing aids are available from numerous manufacturers. These vary in styles, features, and functionality. Some are so small that they remain hidden in your ears, while others can be connected by Bluetooth to mobile phones and come with rechargeable batteries.

After your hearing test results, your audiologist will recommend the best hearing aid for your specific needs, budget, and lifestyle.

At Helix Hearing in Warragul, Leongatha, and Bairnsdale, we suggest the most appropriate hearing aids to our clients. Since we are not affiliated with any hearing aid manufacturers, our recommendations are purely driven by your specific hearing condition and budget. Rest assured, our audiologists will suggest the perfect solution for your lifestyle and needs.