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Hearing Aid Prices: How They Differ From National Chains & Why It Is Important To Book With An Independent Audiologist.

Posted On: December 6, 2022

As you all know, hearing is a very important sense that allows us to communicate with our loved ones and perform everyday tasks. Untreated hearing loss can have varied negative effects on our social, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Hearing loss can often be linked to social isolation, depression, cognitive decline, frustration, and reduced confidence. If you or a loved one are experiencing communication difficulties or have noticed your hearing isn’t as good as it once was, the first step is booking in a hearing assessment at Helix Hearing and Helix Hearing. There are many hearing health care clinics available to have your hearing assessed. Some clinics are big National chains, and some are independent clinics.

Independent clinics are not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer and their audiologists are not obligated to sell particular hearing aid brands. Independent clinics have the ability to recommend any hearing aid that is best suited to a patient’s hearing loss, communication needs and budget, should the patient require a hearing aid. It is great to book with an independent audiologist as there is reassurance that the audiologist is recommending a device with the aim and resources to improve your listening difficulties and quality of life with the most suitable solution for your needs.

Here at Helix Hearing and Helix Hearing we are an independently operated clinic with no sales targets involved. Should a hearing aid not be suited to your particular degree of hearing loss, there are various assistive listening devices to help as well. There are also some handy communication strategy techniques and auditory training programs available. Talking about hearing aids may be a little daunting. Hearing aid prices may vary between manufacturers so it’s important to have a conversation with your audiologist about what best suits your needs and budget.

Typically, higher technology with the most advanced hearing/sound processing features are priced higher than lower end technology with basic hearing/sound processing features. It’s important to remember that not everyone requires “top-of the range” hearing aids.

Our audiologists will work closely with you to determine which hearing aid technology suits your particular lifestyle, listening difficulties and your budget.