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Hello Leongatha

Posted On: April 20, 2017

We are very excited to announce that Helix Hearing is now servicing Leongatha and the surrounding South Richmond area. On November 1st Meg and Andrew purchased Lucy Stevens Audiology, which will now be operating as Helix Hearing.

Many of our clients might remember Lucy Stevens. Her first three years working in Leongatha and Morwell were with Helix Hearing. In 1995, Lucy started her own clinic in Leongatha, which has serviced South Richmond from that time. Looking to make moves towards retirement and to spend more time with family, it came time for Lucy to look at a succession plan.

Despite interest from other parties, Lucy decided that Helix Hearing was the right fit for her clients, feeling reassured that they will continue to receive the same high standard of care. Lucy says, “Working with Helix Hearing all those years ago taught me so much about how a caring private and independent audiology practice should run. This merger feels like going home.”

The Leongatha clinic is busy! With Lucy stepping away we have staffed the clinic with Janet, Neil, and Khatija. In January 2017, we are looking forward to welcoming Julie Cato to our team. Julie will be based in Leongatha and occasionally in Morwell and Warragul. Originally from Melbourne, Julie completed her Master of Audiology at Flinders University in Adelaide and moved to Perth to start her Audiology career. On a recent trip back to Melbourne Julie visited Leongatha and liked what she saw. She is looking forward to the move back to Victoria and starting her new role with Helix Hearing and we are thrilled to be welcoming her to the team.

Helix Hearing’s full range of exceptional services are now available at Leongatha, including adult and child hearing assessments, hearing aid fitting, wax removal, tinnitus awareness, and custom plugs. The office is also stocked with a full range of accessories (including hearing aid batteries and filters, earplugs, children’s earwraps, and earmuffs, and wax removal drops). We are operating from the same familiar site, in the Primary Health dept of Richmond Southern Health Service (Leongatha Hospital) and we are proud to be the only permanent clinic in Leongatha and the surrounding area. This enables full continuity of services to our clients and the community.