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What is Earwax?

Posted On: September 2, 2020

Ear wax is instrumental in protecting and cleaning the ears.

It is a natural substance that is produced as a skin gland secretion inside the ear canal. Ear wax helps in the prevention of foreign bodies from making their way into the ear canal.

Ear wax also contains antibacterial properties. Ear wax is a natural way in which the body protects and cleans itself and it is not harmful at all. Despite this, there is a saying that too much of a good thing can be dangerous and this also applies to ear wax.

Excessive secretion and buildup of ear wax can sometimes cause problems like discomfort in the ear, tinnitus, and hearing loss.

If you find your ears producing excessive wax, you will need to book in for ear wax removal. Removing wax on your own is not recommended as you could damage the ear in the process. Safe wax removal can be done only by trained professionals with the right tools.

We have trained and experienced audiologists at Helix Hearing who can perform ear wax removal in a safe environment. Booking Ear wax removal in Warragul is accompanied by personalized recommendations for managing your ear wax problem on an ongoing basis.

For ear cleaning in Warragul, we recommend that you book in with one of the leading ear wax removal clinics in Victoria.

If you have any ongoing issues with hearing or tinnitus, our audiologists will be able to help you with a hearing test followed by necessary recommendations for the successful management of your problem.